April 11, 2019

5 Alternative Easter Presents that Aren’t Chocolate

It’s time to consign Easter Eggs to the dustbin. Do your bit for the war against sugar this Easter, by trying one of these tooth-friendly treats.

Alternative Easter gifts

In no particular order, here are the top five things people love about Easter: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. The message of renewal and rebirth gets lost, especially on the young ones. You could try explaining it but they’ll just be thinking about an egg the size of their head filled with Smarties.

For the sake of their teeth this needs to change – after all, how many does one kid need? Eight (a record in my house) seems excessive. But what are the alternatives? Here are a few ideas.

For the kids

Behold the Lego Easter Bunny

Nobody is entirely sure what rabbits have to do with the (alleged) resurrection of Christ, but don’t let that stop you milking that bunny for all it’s worth. Most children love the universally popular building blocks, and here they get a seasonal twist. Job done.

Check out Toy Barnhaus in the Ashley Centre for availability, or be lazy and order here.

Build Your Own Soft Toy

If your child is more into crafting than construction, a stuffed toy kit could be just what they need to distract them from their sugar craving. And you get to spend quality time together making it. Build-A-Bear also has a fine range of rabbits if you’d rather your kid spent quality time with a shop assistant while you have a sit down.

Visit Build-a-Bear Workshop at Kingston inside the Bentalls Department Store.

Jump on the Slime Train

Let’s face it, children are weird. What other explanation is there for the slime zeitgeist sweeping the nation’s six to 10-year-olds? A useless substance that does nothing but make fart noises when pushed into a pot (ok there’s your explanation). Luckily where there’s an irrational obsession there’s a present-buying opportunity and, even better, you can buy slime packaged inside an egg.

Visit Toy Barnhaus in the Ashley Centre, or order here.

For the adults

A gift that keeps on blooming

There’s a subscription service for near enough everything these days – snacks, shaving, socks, stationery and even dog toys. Now you can add flowers to that list and brighten up the home of a friend or loved one with a monthly delivery of seasonal blooms from Freddie’s Flowers.

But if you’re looking for an extra special one-off floral gift, you’ll be sure to find something that will be appreciated even more than chocolate at Mad Lilies in Banstead.

An Egg Made of Cheese

Yes, that’s right – an egg made entirely of cheese! For the person who has absolutely everything else. Or likes cheese. A lot!

Available from Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses as well as Sainsbury’s and Ocado.

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