May 24, 2019

3 Top Tips on How to Pick a Derby Winner

If you’re thinking of doing some light gambling at this year’s Derby, make sure you read these great tips.

1. Shop around

Betting in cash at the track is great fun, but the financial difference compared to betting with the wide range of internet firms has never been bigger. Betting online before heading out ensures that you benefit from “best odds guaranteed” (ie. if you’re pick goes off at a longer price than you took, you get the uplift), better each way terms – often getting paid for five places rather than four – and better odds. 

2. Open a new betting account

Opening a new betting account before heading out is another way to start-off in profit. Most internet firms offer sign-up bonuses – usually matching your first bet up to £20, so you might find the first couple of races are basically on them. 

3. Do your research.

Don’t turn up at the track expecting to pick a winner in two minutes flat, prepare the night before. Consider factors such as whether the horse has won at the track and been successful at that distance. Also try to contextualise this – having won over the course and distance might be a handy factor, but who were the opponents that day? Was it at a similar class.

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