September 17, 2019

We chat to Francesca, CEO of Gloriana Group Jewellery and Epsom Local

To celebrate the launch of Gloriana Group Jewellery, we had a Q&A with Francesca Lewis - CEO and Epsom local.

Francesca Lewis is the CEO of Gloriana Group, a new luxury jewellery website that has recently launched – oh, and did we mention that she just so happens to live right here in Epsom.

In our Q&A with Francesca, we talk seeking jewellery inspiration, what we can expect in the Autumn collection and much much more!

Tell us a bit about the Gloriana Group brand.
Gloriana Group was born from a family business, which was actually a well-established pearl shop in Kensington, but it was officially created when I later had the opportunity to reimagine a pearl business for a new generation. I wanted to retain the rich heritage, but for a new audience – so you’ll see less bricks and mortar, more e-commerce and pop-ups.

What kind of Epsom & Ewell local can wear your jewellery?
Gloriana Group is all about bringing pearls to the people who already love them, as well as to those who would love them if they could find them. We do the treasure hunting, so you don’t have to. The pearls also make great gifts for special occasions and they’ll never lose their prestige because of the rare quality materials we use. You can pass them on to your loved ones and start your own traditions.

Where was inspiration drawn from for the upcoming Autumn collection?
This collection is about warmth and opulence. It features a lot of golden accents, with some Jade, Tahitian, Akoya and South Sea pieces too.

What is your favourite piece from this collection?
It would have to be the Golden Girl set – a gold lariat adjustable chain wit a golden South Sea pearl – and matching earrings of course! There are not many of these out there…

What can we expect for Winter?
More silver, grey and white tones that emulate the beauty of snow and ice!

What does a day in the life look like for the CEO of Gloriana Group?
At the moment we are in the start-up phase, that means curating the first collection, securing funding and building a team of experts to help with the launch. A normal day for me is checking on progress, choosing events to attend and thinking about where I’m going to find more rare and precious jewels.

What precious jewels have you got your eye on?
I’ve been looking at gems like Tazanite, Ruby and Emerald lately – plus some amazing Yellow and Grey Diamonds. I think we could do something special with these in the future.

Finally, where are your favourite local haunts to enjoy your precious free time?
I love CafĂ© Rouge for brunch, lunch and dinner! I also love Rosebery Park for relaxing and the Rising Sun pub for a G&T – it also has a great soft play centre for some fun with my nieces.

The Golden Girl set

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