February 26, 2020

Let’s Get Physical

Finding something fun that works for YOU is the first step to a healthier 2020. Here’s a taste of what some Epsom folk are up to…

Anasabrina Castillo, 43, Cake Maker & Decorater
“I’ve been doing Anusara® Yoga for 8 years and it’s changed my life! I practised during almost my entire third pregnancy; thinking it was going to be difficult but instead my body just became stronger. With yoga, your age, gender, weight, flexibility doesn’t matter – just a willingness to try something new.”

Azon Howie, 50, Media Buyer
“I cycle in/out of London for work. When the weather’s good, I’ll do longer rides to Brighton where my daughter studies or to my mum in Portsmouth. The Surrey Hills has great riding routes but during the winter I’ll use a static bike, set up in the garage.”

Mark Scott, 41, Managing Director
“Golf is a wonderful leveler; all ages, shapes, sizes and talents can compete. I’m very fortunate to have a great practice facility close to home where any level of golfer can keep up their basics skills and get help from the coaches on site, too.”

Anela Muratovic, 29, Beauty Executive Assistant
“I’m getting married in August, so want to be the best version of myself – mind and body. I love the open space and natural light at Rainbow where I’m hitting the gym three times a week. It’s affordable and offers so much variety to keep me keen.”

Amadeus Caydas, 33, Electrician & PT and Rebecca Caydas, PT & Online Coach
“We met at the gym – now we’re married with a 10 month old son! So, when people ask what’s our motivation for body building – we say family. Wanting to be not just physically but mentally strong for each other, we aim to train 3-4 times a week, making it fit around childcare, work and clients.”

Jade Dodd, 36, Mum and Florist
“After moving from Devon, I was looking for classes to reignite my passion for dance plus make new friends, too. I’ve been doing tap and ballet at Ambition for two years now. It’s so fun and social with mixed classes of ages and abilities where everyone is supportive and encouraging.”

Words and photography by Fatima Truscott

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