February 5, 2020

Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Exhausted your Sunday brunch hit list? Need another coffee house hideaway? Meet Chai.

You’re probably thinking this café reviewing lark is all smashed avocado, sourdough toast and neatly foamed flat whites. Obviously, there’s a fair bit of that. But, it’s also a reminder to make the most of the little gems that lie right on our doorstep.  

Chai is the newest addition to Banstead Village, a collaboration between local owner Cathy and vintage treasure trove Louisa Grace Interiors. It serves the usual brunch line up, but with a side of antique furniture and rustic décor. 

Vegan? Feast on turmeric spiced tofu scramble or coconut yoghurt blanketed with granola. Not vegan? Think buttery eggs crowned with crispy fried chorizo.

Finally, don’t resist that cake you eyed up on the way in. Any haunt with a slice of carrot cake that moist (sorry it had to be said) deserves deep respect. 

Thanks to Chai, we don’t have to venture far into the depths of the trendy big City to find a good dose of caffeine, or dip into our overdraft to enjoy a classic affair of eggs on toast. 

135 High Street Banstead, Surrey, SM7 2NS

Words by Faye Hardy

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