March 4, 2020

Fitness For All

Little (and local) ways you can incorporate health and wellbeing into your every day ...

Keep It Green 
Community projects work across the UK with residents to help them discover their local green spaces whilst creating an altogether more wonderful world. Whether it’s planting trees, building stiles or clearing streams, you will be working out your body, your mind and giving your conscience a good old cleanse too.

Fitness at your fingertips; fitness apps are a one stop shop no matter what your goals. Cardio, strength, yoga, meditation, free or paid there are thousands of apps available to download. Thousands of simple programmes can be accessed through to ones that include eating plans and personal coaching…all at the touch of a button.

For The Young at Heart
If you’re seeking something a little more avant garde then look no further – try Clog Dancing; a style of dance so fierce that sparks can, literally, fly…if you give enough welly. Get stuck in and traditional dancing will give you a really good aerobic workout and a new pair of shoes too!  Phoenix Clog are a mixed side who practice weekly and make regular star appearances at fetes and fairs around the area.
Try: Phoenix Clog,, 91 Chessington Road

Take It Outdoors
Whatever your age or ability, get ready to GRAFT and bring the fun outdoors in these group fitness sessions. Join like minded people for these 50 minute sessions led by a PT, who will motivate you to achieve your best, no matter your starting point. 

Good Vibrations
If you often feel like it’s been the longest week in history, on a Tuesday afternoon then you, my friend, might need to try BWM, where, to the sound of Korean drums you throw yourself into moving meditation to re calibrate your system, get your brain out of “psycho” and into neutral. Ommmm.

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