April 16, 2020

Life In Lockdown / Helping Our NHS Heroes

Wondering what our local community is doing to support the NHS? Or, how you can lend a helping hand?

We get it, it’s hard not to feel a sense of doom and gloom right now. It’s a weird time as we all navigate a new kind of normal. That’s why we think it’s more important than ever to spread some positivity.

So, stick with us and we’ll make sure you have something to smile about. We’ll help you get through another day within the walls where you work, teach your kids, sleep, eat, attempt to maintain a social life and even work out. We’ll continue celebrating local life, albeit within the parameters of our homes, and our local people too.

This week, what better way to kick things off than by highlighting the work of our NHS. We want to shout about our local NHS heroes donning a cape during coronavirus, as well as those businesses supporting our key workers on the front line.

Quite frankly, if these good news stories can’t plant a big old smile on your face, even for a minute or so, then nothing will…

Cater For Carers

OUT’s local hero (find her in issue three) and owner of Epsom & Ewell’s Ripe + Nine and Picky Bits, Danielle Webber, is back doing what she does best.

This time Danielle has collaborated with local caterers Nicci and Sara from All Things Nice, Sharon from Ching’s Kitchen, Sudesh from Good Evening Food, Emma from Little Ginger, Michelle from Loves Kitchen and Laura Scott from How To Cook Good Food. Together, these ladies are volunteering their time to cook hundreds of meals that are being delivered to Epsom Hospital each week.

At first, Danielle hoped to raise £1,000 to keep our NHS workers fed. Now, with more than £5,000 having been pledged, all donations are temporarily on hold until these generous funds run low again.

For updates and info on how to donate, keep an eye on the fundraising page here. We’d also like to let you know that Laura Scott is offering NHS workers 25% off her online shop, featuring lasagne, noodle salads, flapjacks and, obviously, sourdough. Place your order here.

Support Local, Support our NHS

Local businesses, CHAI and The Abinger Hatch, are encouraging us all to support our NHS workers. What’s more, by donating your pennies and pounds it will also help these small independent businesses stay afloat during these challenging times too.

Why not pledge a fiver and buy a well-deserved pint for a member of NHS staff to celebrate when all this over? Or, buy a voucher from Banstead’s CHAI and surprise that someone special with something to enjoy at the end of it all.

The Abinger Hatch crowdfunding page can be found here, and check out CHAI on Facebook here to buy your voucher!

Pleese Feed Me…and pleese stay home!

In our last issue, we caught up with founder of Pleesecakes and one of Epsom and Ewell’s very own, Joe Moruzzi (which you can read here for some extra entertainment). Warning, it will leave you salivating.

Since then, Pleesecakes have been making sure our key workers stay fuelled by donating their impressive drool-worthy creations to local NHS staff at Epsom Hospital. Better still, as part of their new Pleese Feed Me programme, they are delivering essential food parcels to the homes of NHS workers for free (and without any contact, of course). With no time to queue at supermarkets or scavenge the shelves for spaghetti, Pleesecakes have come to the rescue and made the lives of our NHS workers a little lighter during this difficult time.

Bake For Heroes

Like many local businesses, Tam’s Cakes & Cookies took a hit once lockdown was announced. She missed baking so much that not even a pandemic could stop her; Tammy has kept calm and carried on by donating her sweet treats to our local hospitals.

With the help of generous locals, she has raised over £500 to allow her to continue baking, supporting and feeding Surrey’s NHS staff. From Easter cupcakes for the community nurses working night shifts, to trays of brownies studded with Oreos, Maltesers and more.

Thanks for keeping our local heroes fed and our spirits high! Find Tammy’s Facebook page here.

Equipment for Epsom & St. Helier

We’re sure you’ve heard that hospitals are struggling to supply staff with Personal Protective Equipment, so local Tadworth residents, Terri Bennett and Mandy O’Brien, took it upon themselves to raise funds for PPE equipment at Epsom and St. Helier hospitals.

All money raised goes straight towards buying essential safety glasses, gowns, gloves and goody bags for those risking their lives at our local hospitals. So far they have raised over £7,000 but we’re sure you’ll agree there’s room for a penny or two more…

If you think you can help, please donate here.

Keep Them Safe in Surrey

Can you help a group of Surrey locals buy the necessary materials to produce vital equipment to our front line health care staff?

Thats’ right, local schools, Downsend and Howard of Effingham, are donating the use of their 3D printers and laser cutters to help in the production of PPE equipment.

If you would like to show your support, a Crowdfunding page has been set up (which you can find here) where you can leave a donation to help cover the costs of plastic sheets, acetate and elastic.

We’re sure there’s a whole heap of other locals helping out our NHS staff. So, whatever you’re doing to show support, even if it’s just popping outside at 8pm on a Thursday night for a clap and a cheer, thank you.

Thank you to everyone keeping Epsom & Ewell safe. And an even bigger thank you to the amazing team of individuals saving lives each and every day.

Feature Illustration by Natasha Searston

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