April 3, 2020

Our Pick of the Best Local Podcasts

Run out of boxsets? Read all your books? Then it's time to give your eyes a rest and open your ears. We've found four fantastic podcasts that have been put together right here on your doorstep.

On Repeat

On Repeat is a music themed podcast put together by Undead Collective Records. It features four friends who chart their personal musical journey in a chronological order. Each week they pick a track that was ‘On Repeat’ that shaped their musical tastes. The end of each episode they discuss current tracks they have ‘On Repeat’.
Available on Spotify

Creative Connections

Creative Connections is a podcast about creativity and business, where founder Rachel Matthews chats with creative entrepreneurs that have made bold choices to prioritise a creative life. Each episode is full of practical tips to navigate the realities of starting a business and insights on how creativity can benefit your life inside and outside of work.
Available here

Why Aren’t You Normal Epsom

WAYNE is a community support podcast recorded at Epsom Hospital with host Lewis Stephens. Each episode people from the local area share their hobby/career/story on podcast formats. What is the normal way of living? Does it exist? If it does, is it the best way to be?
Available on Spotify

The Group Isolation Network

The Group Isolation Network put together by Jarek Zaba is your daily audio morsel to keep you going in these unusual COVID-19 times. Monday to Thursday members of the Network are asked to engage in an audio challenge, ahead of a more comprehensive package in the Friday Feature.
Available on iTunes

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