May 1, 2020

And I’m Feelin’ Good (or not, depending on the day)

Step away from the negative and celebrate the positive

In these strange times it’s hard to avoid the news, which let’s face it, is a barrage of death tolls, no lifting of social distancing in sight and a shortage of PPE for our frontline healthcare workers. Even if you don’t watch the daily briefing from Number 10, it seems that it’ll find its way into our consciousness via social media or messaging groups, where fake news and click bait is thriving thanks to ‘one button sharing’. 

Here we’ve pulled together some of the most uplifting content out there to help you find your happy place…

Laughing Out Loud

Laughing lifts the spirits, it’s a well known fact, so if you need a good old belly aching, rip-roaring, tears-rolling-down-your-face laugh you need some comedy in your life to distract you from groundhog day.

Comedy duo The Scummy Mummies keep the lols coming with their original brand of humour, taking the right michael out of perfect parenting fails with their Instagram posts and more recently, live Insta shows @scummymummies. For less obvious humour delivered in his renowned dry, sarcastic tones Romesh Ranganathan most recently featured in the BBC’s Big Night In showing us how things are done in his crib during lockdown. And finally, if you need a sneaky little laugh in your ear whilst pretending to work/clean/home-school browse the top comedy shows on your favourite podcast app with new content from Katherine Ryan, Rob Beckett and twosome Will Mellor and Ralph Little (Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps fame).

Positive News

Born out of a need for what we read to be more positive, influential and solutions based, this online magazine shares quality reporting on what’s going right in the world. 

Now more than ever we need to see how even during a global pandemic, so many people are showing their true, caring colours. So if you’re fed up of scrolling through the Insta feeds of the rich and famous (some much less worthy than others), or feeling the pressure of mastering Mandarin and baking sourdough throughout furlough, this site is jam-packed with ‘turn that frown upside down’ stories that you’ll want to share for all the right reasons. Take your pick from the homepage where highlights include projects offering free therapy for frontline NHS workers and why people are turning to bread during the pandemic.

Small Screen Saviours

We don’t know about you, but whilst we have more time for bingeing on screen time, horror flicks, documentaries on pandemics and stress-inducing dramas are not really topping our watch list. We prefer easy, refreshing viewing.

Luckily, Brightside has put together a list of motivating movies aimed at encouraging positive thinking and a can-do attitude to take on the challenges brought on by a global health emergency. Highlights include Brit classic Bend It Like Beckham alongside Coach Carter and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. You can find the rest of the list here. New and noteworthy additions to your streaming services include Groundhog Day – an obvious choice (Netflix), Men in Black:International – alien escapism (Sky Movies / Now TV) and Brittany Runs a Marathon – because now we’re all runners (Amazon Prime).

Music to your Ears

Never one to miss an opportunity to compile a feel-good list, Spotify has put together their ‘100 Uplifting Songs’. There’s something for everyone from new pop darling Dua Lipa to mother of soul Aretha Franklin and Coldplay for somewhere in between.

Listen to the Spotify Top 100 Uplifting Songs here or why not use the streaming platform to create your own quarantine playlist? It’ll be like an aural time capsule to remind you that in early 2020 time stood still and the whole world was adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Alternatively, there are plenty of DJ’s and music aficionados offering live sets, including Gok Wan with his weekly Saturday night Isolation Nation session (8:30pm), Annie Mac BTB Toddla T Live from the Rave Shed (Sat 8:30pm) and The List have put together their Guide to Instagram and Facebook Live Concerts here.

Social Media Sensations

Scrolling endlessly through Instagram and Facebook? Now is the perfect time to unfollow those vacuous accounts and focus on the truly uplifting.

If one thing has emerged from this pandemic, it’s how amazing the human spirit really is and that we truly are a unique species who thrive on a sense of community. There are too many individuals to mention in this tiny space, but here are a few accounts that show just how special we are. Over on NHSNightingaleLondon our frontline superheroes proved how firstly they were able to put together a high dependency hospital in a really short time and secondly how despite their tough day-to-day roles, they are grateful for the support being shown through people sewing scrubs, making face shields and delivering meals so they can keep going. The @LADbible feed manages to combine content that will give you all the feels and a tear to your eye alongside viral videos worthy of a repost.

Finally, if you or a loved one is struggling with mental health issues, there is help out there so please don’t suffer in silence…

Love Me, Love My Mind – a locally based mental health charity with lots of information on getting support when you most need it. Click here for more details

Mind – national charity supporting adults and young people in need of help. Link to the homepage

Or contact The Samaritans by dialling 116 123

Feature Image illustration by Spencer Wilson

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