August 10, 2020

The Kids Are Alright

From skateboarding to street dancing, now that school’s officially out for summer, here’s some outdoor inspo to kick start the six-week break.

Tucked away in Long Grove Park you’ll find a popular haunt for those whose preferred mode of transport is wheels. Long Grove skate park opened in 2013 and was designed and built by Wheelscape (who were also behind the smaller skate park on Cox Lane in the Hogsmill Nature Reserve). It attracts not just locals but avid skaters from as far as North London, too.

Split into two runs that start from the same hipped quarter pipe, the street run features a driveway, ledge, wave and rail set and finishes with a flat bank and extension. The other run starts with a quarter pipe that leads into a large bowl made up of two sections and it’s the big attraction with lots of bumps and corners to pump around without having to push and the surfaces are super smooth. 

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