September 28, 2020

OUT 08 Autumn is Here

Thermostat-wars have started, it's officially the start of soup season and, most importantly, our latest issue is OUT.

Now. We could paint here a pretty ‘Bob Ross’ picture of our dreamy, autumnal, local landscape, however, conker-collecting and kicking up piles of golden brown leaves aside, there’s no ignoring the fact we’re still sadly stuck on the Coronacoaster.

We get it. It’s confusing and daunting but uncertainty forces us to explore change and from this, we also learn to adapt; unlearning old habits and creating new pathways. And this issue of OUT illustrates exactly how the human spirit does find its way. We know that we’ve been uplifted hearing the heartwarming and inspiring stories we’ve put together for you in this issue. And so, we hope you are too.

We talk to the brilliant, Mum-led, local businesses to Epsom & Ewell Families Founder, Dee Besant, who talks openly about attitudes to race in our neighbourhood and how her council-backed initiative ‘We Stand Together’ – that she started during lockdown – aims to educate and unite us all.

And we’re sure you’ll agree that equality and empathy are, without a doubt, integral parts of a happy, thriving community and someone who knows this more than most is Betty Laine OBE, principal of Laine Theatre Arts. Since 1974 and the opening of her world-prestigious performing arts school, she has nurtured students to do one thing – don’t stop believing.

Sadly, it’s an industry that’s still in crisis but it’s defiant in finding ways to express itself and evolve. Look no further than the creative inspo’ behind the Satisfied Eye International Film Festival that starts on the 9th October. Founder Chris Hastings shows us what’s in store over the three-day event at the Odeon Epsom. Anyone up for a selfie with a Stormtrooper? Socially distanced, of course.

Enjoy, stay safe and look out for each other.

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