May 26, 2021

OUT 09 And We’re Off!

As you turn over the pages in our latest print issue or read these latest posts, you’ll have to imagine a raucous fanfare or round of applause (like a sound-effect greeting card) as we celebrate the fact that Epsom is now open!

OUT issue 09 cover

Just as our cover beautifully depicts, illustrated by artist Eliza Southwood, she’s also designed a series of 10 stunning posters detailing the very best of our town. Reminiscent of the iconic 1920s travel posters, they’ll be on display at Epsom train station – and guess what, one lucky sod* – I mean reader – will get the chance to win one! (Keep an eye on the site or grab a copy of the magazine and see p15)

Capturing the essence of Epsom wouldn’t be complete without spotlighting its horse racing heritage – and although The Derby this year, understandably, won’t see crowds typical of life pre-pandemic – why not test your knowledge (and be the MVP at the next pub quiz!) on all things Derby related with our A-Z guide.

Talking of pubs – there’s also a Great Beer Garden Guide, lots of newbie food joints to tuck into, you’ll finally be able to fill that Filofax with fun stuff, from The Playhouse reopening to Horticultural Fairs to car boots and concerts – giant rabbits have even come to town!

There’s also a sneak peek on the last bit of renovations being done at The Horton – the 1901 chapel that’s being renovated into a café and community space. Revisiting its past to appreciate its future adds value and real depth to this exciting development opening in a few months.

Of course, caution is still key and while we’ve come such a long way since that fateful day in March 2020, what’s been clear since, is the disparity of experiences. This is documented so poignantly in our Same Storm, Different Boats feature and I’m sure you’ll agree, while each story depicts a totally different take on the last year, they all connect in such honesty, great heart and unassailable human spirit.

Enjoy folks. It’s GREAT to be back!

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