November 9, 2022

OUT 11 – It’s Showtime

Welcome to the winter issue, where for the first time in forever (yes, that tune will now linger) we find ourselves hurtling towards not only the Festive Season but the FIFA World Cup, too!

Embracing this double-whammy showdown of mince pies and Messi is Epsom Social. Screening all matches live, we’ve also got the lowdown of what’s new in the months ahead at Surrey’s first ever food hall. 

More Team Tinsel than Three Lions? Then the cast of Dick Whittington arrive at the Epsom Playhouse this month, we’ve got tickets up for grabs plus  a guide to all the festive activities in the area for all the family, from wreath making to music by candlelight.

Talking of tunes, fancy yourself a DJ? Our interview with Epsom Hospital Radio just might be your On Air calling or if the frazzle of Christmas songs while out shopping is hitting a nerve, we’ve got some cheeky gifting advice, too.

Finally, beyond the festivities and fireworks, we take a holistic look at 2023 with a Lunar Calendar plus ways to harness moon magic. Even if you’re not mystically minded, it’s a bit of calm against the frenzy, allowing an opportunity to reflect and look for signs of hope, something which the Epsom Hub speaks about when addressing the impact the pandemic has had on young people in our community and the importance hope plays in helping to manifest good things.

Wishing you all hope and happiness and a VERY Merry Christmas World Cup (!) 

Fatima Truscott

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