March 16, 2023

Lets Bake!

Eden’s Little Bakery is one of those ‘silver-lining stories’ that shone a light of hope during the dark days of the pandemic. Now an award-winning bakery in Ewell, the story began when Eden (aged 15 years at the time) and her Dad, Itay made bourekas - a Middle Eastern pastry - for a socially distanced, V-Day street party…

From bourekas to bake house

And, off the back of what was a kind, small gesture became a thriving home-business until Eden’s dream of having her own bake house came true last year when Eden’s Little Bakery opened, she says, “I’ll never forget – locals were queuing around the block for three days non-stop! But that’s always been at the heart of the business – bringing the local community together.” Eden’s Dad, Itay, has encouraged his eldest daughter saying, “The support Eden received from the start was incredible; she was so determined to make this happen. We worked from our kitchen at home with orders coming via Facebook; I did deliveries, Eden baked while doing her GCSEs from home and then the bakery became available.”

With former tutors and friends from Blenheim now popping in for their bestselling almond croissants (a secret recipe!) the whole family have stepped in to help – Eden’s mum with the interiors and her siblings help, too – and their sense of pride is apparent in every diminutive detail. 

“My grandfather sanded that!” Eden says beaming at the solid, reclaimed wood worktop. “We pride ourselves on being a sustainable business. From decor to packaging, milk, eggs, coffee – sourcing responsibly is essential as is having a no waste policy – we work with the local Food Banks. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to be a business that cares.”

The Bakehouse, 226 Chessington Road, Ewell KT19 9XF

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