March 1, 2023

You’ve got this!

It’s not uncommon for women to lose direction and their confidence after a career break. While busy raising a family, many mums find that they’ve disconnected with the person they were before but Jane Knight, founder of Successful Mums Career Academy reassuringly explains, “that person is still there.” We asked Jane to provide more top tips on ways mamas can get their work-mojo back!


There are three main aspects to building a great CV; honesty (make sure it reflects your career and achievements), focus (make it relevant to the application) and be concise (use bullet points and keep it to two pages). You may have been out of work for a while but think about the transferable skills you have as a parent from organisation, problem solving, communication and negotiation. These are so important to employers. Consider some volunteering work or joining a PTA which will help you manage the transition back to work and will also look great on your CV. 


As soon as you decide to start the journey back to employment, explore childcare. Do your research, speak to friends and family. Dependent on the age of your child you could also benefit from government support. If you are working, you could be entitled to Tax Free Childcare and 30 hours of funded childcare per week if your child is aged 3 to 4. Whatever setting you choose, look for somewhere close to home so that the commute is easier, consider your working pattern and how a childcare arrangement will work for you, not just now but in the future. Having a child that is happy and settled with a childcare provider will make a huge difference to you. 


If after a career break you’re returning to the same sector or a similar type of role, you might just want to refresh your CV. Successful Mums has links to employers who are keen to take on women returners but if your confidence is lacking, if you are looking to change career, or need to update your digital skills, then training could be a better option. Successful Mums offers one-to-one coaching, tailored to you, providing advice and support you need when deciding on next steps. 


Be kind to yourself. Mums all too often strive for perfection, setting unrealistic expectations which naturally leave us feeling disappointed. Be sensible about what you can accomplish at work and home; ask for help when you need it and surround yourself with positive, supportive people. Prioritise and set achievable goals.


Things will not collapse if you take the time to plan ahead. Managing your time effectively to ensure you have space for all the important things, is key. There are quick things you can do, for example, get organised for school/nursery the night before to minimise the stress in the morning, plan your meals in advance, use online shopping. If your children are old enough, get them involved in a cleaning rota, or if money allows get a cleaner. By supporting a local mum in her cleaning business, you get time to spend with your family.


Do not underestimate how important it is to make time for you. Assign an hour a week – have a bath, run, read, relax – whatever helps to clear your mind. Think about the aeroplane emergency scenario, you are told to place your own oxygen mask on before helping others, so make sure you are the priority. If you have a clear head you will cope much better.

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