August 31, 2023

New term at Epsom Social 

Surrey’s first food hall is not the new kid on the block anymore. Having settled into its place as the go-to place for street food style eats in Shoreditch-style surroundings, its ever-changing menu of food vendors has had a rolling refresh for the new season.

With the much-loved Doughboyz going mobile again, there is now a host of new offerings, alongside the well-in gelato, Malaysian and Korean stands. You can still pick up a pizza from Dough Dough, describing itself as for ‘thin crust enthusiasts’, try Sri Lankan food with a kick from Gym Mezze or order a meat feast topped with bacon jam from burger specialists Meatilicious. And don’t forget, (and the clue in is the name), Epsom Social is the perfect place not only to ‘meet and eat’, but also to work out – check out the Zumba, circuit and parent + baby yoga classes. For a different vibe, round up some friends and check out the latest acoustic night sets or join in with the weekly Wednesday pub quiz.

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