January 29, 2024

Meditation made easy 

Trained and qualified in meditation, sound and crystal healing therapy amongst several yoga disciplines, we asked Shikira from Temples for the Soul, to explain how we can all tap into some much-needed time out…

The Benefits

“Meditation achieves harmony and balance within. It’s an ancient practice with an abundance of health benefits. Finding calm, gratitude and inner peace, these simple rituals can reduce stress and anxiety for mental relaxation.”

Key Times

“There’s no right or wrong. Choose a moment that suits you. This might be before bed when you reflect on the day gone to give thanks or perhaps writing in a journal or speaking gratitude out loud each morning. Create a comfy environment to hold space for yourself to make meditation inviting and to remind you of the importance of self-care.”

Affirmations & Mantras

“The most sacred and well known mantra is OM – pronounced ah-oh-mm. It is a form of meditation spoken or sung repeatedly with intent; within the mind, whispered or out loud. Find or create an affirmation that resonates, write it down and place
it where you’ll see it often and say it out loud.”

Mood Music

“Meditation is as easy as listening to music! Be aware of how the words and rhythm make you feel. Does it keep you in the fast lane or create a sense of calm? Is it restful, restorative, happy or uplifting? Align with the mood and intention you want to create and make a playlist.”

It only takes a minute

“Breath work is the heart of meditation. In yoga, we call this pranayama – controlling the breath for self-awareness. For anxiety, stress, respiratory, cardiovascular health and overall mental health, too, there are many different types of breathing practices which invite in different energies. At home, work, even on your commute, conscious breathing is a versatile tool that you own and can use at any given moment. Even just a minute or two of conscious breathing can have amazing effects.”


Sit up tall
Role shoulders back and relax down
Close eyes or gently gaze down

Place one hand over the navel, draw your attention to this area, let go of any thoughts, turn your awareness inward and be completely in this moment.

Take in a long and slow deep inhale to the count of 8. 

Notice the navel moving forward towards the palm of
your hand, your abdomen inflating like a balloon. 

Holding your focus, begin to slowly exhale to the count
of 8 as the navel falls back towards the spine. 

Repeat three times.


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